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Surrey Psychotherapy, counselling and EMDR Therapy.


Our past experiences impact us in ways we may not even realize. Our nervous system jumps in to protect us in ways that it has helped us survive in the past. This often prevents us from operating how we wish to. Working to reconnect the body with the mind to our present, adult self can help resolve this disconnection. I believe that we all deserve to experience connection, empathy, attunement and safety.

My approach draws from somatic attachment, attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology and eye-movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR). Intertwined throughout my use of all of these approaches is a body-centered, somatic approach.

I believe that change occurs through relational healing. What has been broken relationally, must be healed relationally (Kalsched, 2013 p.13). This is through undoing aloneness, developing secure attachments, processing old traumatic experiences and exploring intolerable feelings that together can then become tolerable. 

My belief is that the difficulties we experience stem from a few different places. I see "symptoms" as adaptations that we use to survive in our environment. Not getting our needs met as children (as well as any other attachment wounds that occur throughout our life) often has a significant impact on us. I understand that we all carry self-limiting beliefs that impede our ability to thrive. Working to process these early experiences can help in feeling less stuck and have a deeper sense of vitality.

I work in-person in South Surrey and online. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


​I work with individuals who want to be supported through their journey of healing and self-discovery.


We often feel as though we get in our own way. We know things could be better but aren't quite sure how to get there. I support individuals on their journey of self-improvement, working both somatically and relationally, helping them move through past experiences into more vitality and regulation. 


Some of the areas I work with include:

  • Self-limiting beliefs (e.g. perfectionism, self-doubt, imposter syndrome)

  • Relational trauma/Attachment Repair

  • Life transitions 

  • Relationship/Interpersonal difficulties

  • Self-compassion

  • Anxiety/Overwhelm


I received my Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Ottawa and a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. I have also completed a 2-year Somatic Attachment Psychotherapy program. 

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and am in good standing with the BCACC. I am also accredited as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) and am in good standing with the CCPA.

I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals supporting them on their path of healing and self-discovery. 

Before stepping foot into my role as a therapist, I worked as an Early Childhood Educator. I saw first hand how large of a role attachment plays both in children and in adults. I believe that this has had a large role in my interest in the impact that childhood experiences and attachment wounds have on us.

I consider myself an introvert. I enjoy spending my spare time at home with close friends, exercising, listening to my favourite podcasts (Other People's Problems and Shrink Chicks!) or cozying up to watch a movie. 


I didn't feel as though my "About Me" page would be complete without acknowledging my own experience in therapy. 

Through my work in my own therapy, I was able to become aware of what was behind my difficulties and what was holding me back. The implementation of regulation, integration, reconnection and self-compassion have been imperative for me in my own healing.

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